Five Reasons to Go Green With a Central Vacuum System

Here at iWired, we aim to offer smart home solutions that conserve energy usage for the sake of your wallet and the wellbeing of the planet. Did you know that a central vacuum system is more environmentally friendly in comparison to traditional vacuums? According to a 2019 study, U.S. households generate 5.43 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions every year. But central vacuums operate more efficiently while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. By bringing greener appliances into your home, you can do your small part in encouraging the demand for sustainable products that help conserve the planet for future generations to come. Here are five reasons why a central vacuum system is popular for green-thumbed homeowners across the nation.

Bring Sustainability Into Your Home

Nowadays, central vacuums must comply with environmental standards, which is partly why they have a minimal effect on the environment. These appliances are meant to last for many years, and require replacement parts in case it malfunctions or stops working. Each vacuum part is sturdy and uses fewer resources in the supply chain, furthering reducing its environmental impact. However, in case you end up with a broken vacuum or need a certain part replaced, we can easily supply the exact piece of machinery you need, whether it’s a motor, hose, wand, or another type of attachment.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Central vacuums are considered to be more energy-efficient than regular upright vacuums, simply because they’re more powerful. This means you don’t have to spend as much time vacuuming; the first pass over a dirty area tends to be enough to do the job, while upright vacuums tend to require two or three passes for an effective clean. Furthermore, because central vacuums expel excess dust and debris through an external exhaust, unlike upright vacuums, your floors will stay cleaner for a longer amount of time.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is more than an auditory annoyance; it can negatively affect your daily life. Excessive loud noises can create migraines, headaches, strain the eardrums, or simply cause irritability. For family members with auditory sensory issues, these problems are exponentially worse. However, a central vacuum is nearly silent, because the motor is stored in a separate location, such as your garage or basement. Now you’ll be able to vacuum without disturbing anyone else trying to relax in the home. Reducing noise pollution can help increase harmony within the home.

Remove Dust and Allergens

We mentioned earlier that upright vacuums expel dust particles through an exhaust back into the room, which does little to reduce the air pollution within your home. Some homes contain more than others, especially if inhabitants include pets or family members who move in and out of the home to garden or do other types of yard work. This results in a high level of allergens lingering in the air and on the floor. Central vacuums are incredibly effective at removing these pollutants and keep your home free of them for longer. Whether someone has an allergy to dust, pollen, or cat dander, a central vacuum will be able to remove them from your home and decrease the chance of allergic reactions

Waste Fewer Resources

The hose of a central vacuum can expand to great lengths to pick up dust just about anywhere, which omits your need for single-use dusters or paper towels. Through the usage of different attachments, your system can remove debris from hard-to-reach areas, like blinds, ceiling fans, or the top of shelves and cabinets. Therefore, you’ll be able to save money and reduce your waste of paper product cleaning items. Whether you’re looking to remove excess pollution from your home, improve your energy efficiency, or lower your usage of resources, a central vacuum is a small step you can take to make your home more ecologically friendly. If you have questions about central vacuum design, attachments, or installation, call our team of professionals at iWired today to green up your household.