Four Ways Your Office Will Thrive with Automated Solutions

Automated solutions are being embraced by households across the nation, but did you know that more businesses are also choosing them? Technologies like these used to be considered too expensive and complicated for most companies, but are nowadays considered a major component of a thriving business. Whether you’re hoping to spruce up the office with a fresh audio-visual installation or implement security measures in your building, our team at iWired has the tools you need to succeed. Here are four benefits of automated solutions in the workplace.

Improved Communication Methods

Your company’s methods of communication can make or break a business operation. Technical difficulties will delay daily tasks that impact weekly projects and come up short on monthly benchmarks. Alternatively, cutting-edge communication technology will assist every member of the company to understand project expectations and smooth the workflow. We could help you win new clients with presentations through an AV system of interactive whiteboards and video conferencing capabilities. Whether you want to give in-person updates to clients or collaborate with remote workers, our supercharged multimedia solutions will keep everyone engaged during meetings to communicate necessary information promptly. If you want to speak to everyone in the office or building with the touch of a button, we highly recommend integrating an intercom system into your AV solutions.

For employees who need to collaborate across departments, automated solutions can keep everyone on the same page with user-friendly interfaces displaying expected tasks and goals in real-time. There won’t be any reason to send emails asking if a task is finished if they can update the interface themselves. This will be especially useful as remote work becomes a permanent fixture of many businesses. These employees will remain fully integrated into the staff through video conferences and shared network drives that allow them to access necessary files.

Streamlined Workplace Efficiency

When it’s time to bring on new members of the team, sometimes there isn’t enough time for someone to introduce the fresh employee to the full business operations. A smart AV solution can do the job instead, with interactive training modules that incorporate videos of your team. It’s possible to cover a broad range of information within a short timeframe if you need to get the new hire up to speed quickly. To ensure that everyone understands business expectations, audio-visual solutions have a greater effect than a yawn-inducing seminar or endless piles of training documents.

More on-site solutions include digital signs installed throughout your company’s property to direct employees and visitors to offices, bathrooms, and exits, or direct people away from spaces with restricted access. Security solutions will also aid the efficiency of your staff by restricting access to sensitive products, rooms, or data to specific employees using biometric access control or cloud-based Bluetooth. You’ll be able to monitor whoever comes in and out of restricted areas through a simple online portal. You can even integrate alarm systems into your AV solutions that can alert the appropriate authorities in case of fire, break-ins, or other security breaches. Furthermore, if your security system begins malfunctioning, you won’t have to waste time trying to fix it. Our team will do the heavy lifting of getting you back on track while you can focus on business matters.

Personalized Digital Solutions

Here at iWired, we know better than thinking that any automated solution is one-size-fits-all when it comes to your company’s unique needs. We work to tailor all your AV and security solutions to match your goals and keep pace with your workflow. We can conduct an on-site assessment to fully understand your business needs and the capabilities and limitations of your space. Afterward, we’ll design a centralized smart system, install and integrate all the equipment, and help you maintain it with troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs.

Your office will need a powerful digital network as the base of your operations to power the routers, switches, servers, and access points. Just let us know what your goals are, and we can help you with firewall protection, Internet access, file storage, and resource sharing that helps your daily routines to fly by smoothly. Wi-Fi mesh networking can significantly improve your company’s online networks by extending coverage to the outer edges of your building or property under a single network that grants a consistently speedy connection to everyone, regardless of where they may be.

Savings in Money, Time, and Energy

Most companies are always looking for new ways to save time, energy, and money. With modern automated systems, you can save all the above! A massive digital database eliminates the need to purchase bulky cabinets for paper files that require lots of expensive ink to print. You could even utilize your Internet as a phone system with VoIP, a popular and affordable choice when compared to a traditional phone system.
When we conduct our on-site assessment of your office, building, or property, we’ll ensure we take advantage of your available spaces for the best technology solutions that match your workplace preferences. This way, you won’t be using devices that mismatch your workstyle or become obsolete in a few short years, forcing you to spend more money for pricey upgrades. Our team of experts will install the appropriate integrated solutions that will minimize or remove system errors that could increase your costs over time.

Here at iWired, we are intentional in listening to your business needs while adapting to the space of your building. Whether you want to install lighting, acoustic panels, or projector screens for stunning presentations in an auditorium or you desire to equip every cubicle with cutting-edge AV communication systems, iWired is prepared to equip offices with everything they need to thrive! If you’re ready to equip your office with our automated solutions, contact us today to get started!