Keep Everyone Entertained at Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving may look a bit different for American families. Perhaps you’ll have a small social distanced gathering in your yard, or you’ll be sharing dinner and drinks with your loved ones over a Zoom call. But you can still watch a virtual version of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, find a moment to express gratitude, and wrap up your day with a holiday movie. But whatever your family is planning for the holidays, iWired can help foster feelings of family and togetherness, no matter how far away some of us may be.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

A Media Room is a casual space filled with comfortable seating where the whole family can come together to enjoy movies, sports events, or board games. It does more than play something from a DVD player: now you can access YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and more! This year, the iconic Macy’s parade will be a series of virtual performances streamed online. But why would you watch it on your tiny phone screen or laptop just because it’s a bit different this year? Instead, stream the performances on the large flatscreen TV of your media room, and you’ll still feel the same magic from years past.

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering of people or just spending time with your immediate family, some warm and bright music can really enhance the holiday! With home automation, you can control speakers throughout the home to play the music that gets you in a mood of gratitude. Adjust which rooms play music through voice assistants or an app in your pocket. It’s easy to see the positive side of life when you have great tunes; after all, fewer guests in your home will mean less stress as you finish preparations for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Virtual Happy Hour

It’s likely you’ll be in a virtual happy hour or dinner with extended family members, and perhaps your children will have their own virtual “Kids Table” call as well. You’ll want to ensure your network speeds are at their optimal so you don’t experience lagging audio or fuzzy video that interrupts conversations. You don’t usually spend your Thanksgiving dinner asking everyone to repeat themselves, so why start this year? With multiple members of the family streaming Zoom calls on their devices, you won’t want your network to fail in the middle of dinner! Prepare ahead by doing some research on your router; it may be time for an upgrade.

Movie Night

As you finish off your Thanksgiving Dinner, it’s time to sit back and relax. Heading over to your dedicated Home Theater for a holiday movie can briefly transport you back to the cinema. Pop some popcorn, get some warm blankets for your spacious recliners, and enjoy a fall film on your powerful HD flatscreen. With speakers embedded into all four walls, the surround sound will transport you into the film and make you forget you’ve been at home all this time, safe and sound. Whether you’d like to invest in whole-home audio, renovate your living room into a media room, or need a bit of help upgrading your router, we’ve got you covered. The benefits of your home will extend well past Thanksgiving Day and can give new magic to Christmas as well! If you’re feeling prepared to make some adjustments to your home just in time for the holiday season, feel free to contact the team at iWired to help you get started today!