Manage Your Home’s Systems with

There’s nothing more important than ensuring your home is safe from accidents or break-ins. That’s why at iWired we’re proud to partner with for the best quality in automated home management measures. Whether your home needs entry security, temperature control, or water protection, offers everything you need to keep your home secure.


iWired offers door locks and garage doors to maintain secure entryways. Keeping track of keys is a thing of the past; now you’ll be able to lock or unlock your doors with the help of time-limited access codes, even from afar. It’s possible to create and disable codes at any time, so you won’t have to worry about changing locks or keys. also allows you to open and close garage doors remotely through your app to let visitors inside. If the garage door has been left open longer than usual, you’ll receive a notification to close it. You’ll also always know when someone unlocks any of your doors with notifications sent to your mobile devices. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure from harm.

Water Management

The introduction of’s Smart Water Valve+Meter has helped prevent billions of dollars annually in property damage due to water leaks. It identifies low and high-volume water leaks and consistently monitors overall water usage in both homes and businesses. When integrated with’s Water Management platform, your home will also more effectively conserve water. 

According to Parks Associates, only around 6% of homes have a smart leak detection system.  But with a full Water Management solution from, owners can avoid property damage from major leaks, on top of the health and safety issues that are the result of long-term low-volume leaks. The addition of a water management system may also qualify homes for insurance discounts.

The Smart Water Valve+Meter utilizes modern technology in combination with top-quality plumbing hardware to protect your property from leaks that drive up your water bills. A myriad of water sensors and monitors allow the system to detect drips early and quickly respond to the issue. For example, the system will automatically shut off your home’s water in case of a detected leak from a burst pipe. A small leak from the laundry room results in a notification from your system while keeping the water on to avoid an inconvenient interruption. Temperature sensors can alert the homeowner in case of frozen pipes. Even in the case of a continuously running toilet, your system will take notice and close the water valve to prevent excessive usage.

In terms of water conservation,’s Water Management solution is highly effective in reducing water waste and costs. The average family spends over $1,000 on water, and as more regions across Arizona and the Southwest face strains on water sources, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to responsibly manage their water usage.

The Smart Water Valve+Meter makes it easy to fully integrate with’s centralized system, so homeowners can manage locks, lights, temperature, and water through a paired mobile app.

Temperature Control

When you pair Thermostats with Temperature Sensors, you’ll be able to greater control your home’s temperature, whether you want to put your thermostat on an automated schedule or adjust the temperature as you please through the paired app.

When there’s no thermostat schedule set, it’s simple to select a Temperature Sensor to directly control the HVAC system. The sensors have safeguards that prevent the system from running too frequently or flip-flopping between hot and cool temperatures. We suggest having at least a four-degree difference between the Heat and Cool target temperatures to ensure your system isn’t constantly cycling between them. In Auto Mode, the Temperature Sensor settings will follow your specified Heat Mode schedule. offers a wide range of solutions that protect your home and make it easier to keep an eye on all your systems. Whether you have questions about’s temperature control or you’re ready to install a water management system, contact iWired today to begin!