Whole-Home Audio for Summer

Summertime means more people are relaxing, soaking up the sunshine with friends and family at pool parties and barbecues, or staying cool indoors for get-togethers and house parties. Add a high-end audio system to your household to elevate every bonfire, dinner party, and game night, creating a more harmonious atmosphere. Our team at iWired has found several ways to enjoy the summertime with whole-home audio.

Have a Dance Party in Any Room

Several studies have found that listening to music together can improve relationships between family and friends, and multi-room audio can help maintain the peace within your household. Let’s say your current setup has speakers in a single room, such as the kitchen. Anyone outside that room is separated by a “dead zone” of silence, which can create exclusion. A whole-home audio system prevents that situation entirely by spreading music to as many spaces as you would like. It’s a simple process; each room requires a single speaker, not a complete stereo system. This speaker could fit on a shelf, floor stand, or be discreetly installed into the ceiling or wall, as long as it produces a cutting-edge sound that invites everyone to the party. Sync each speaker to a central audio system to adjust the volume and song selection via your mobile device. Now you’ll be prepared for a relaxing day or a house party with music perfect for every occasion.

Take the Fun Outdoors

The heat of the summer sun beckons many of us to the pool. We offer weatherproofed speakers that can sit poolside, disguised as rocks, to blend in discreetly with your surroundings. No matter the size of your yard, we can also install speakers underground so you can enjoy music to the perimeter of your property. Your guests playing cornhole or your spouse in the garden can hear their favorite tunes outdoors all year. When you link your speakers to your whole-home audio system, you can enjoy the same soundtrack as you move from the interior to the exterior of your property. An outdoor system allows you to enjoy a stress-free experience outside.

Listen to Something Different

A whole-home audio system allows you to listen to more than music; any audio media works great! You can listen to gentle nature sounds or ambient noise as you relax outside, prepare dinner to a few chapters of an audiobook, or focus your mind through a guided meditation. You could sync every speaker in your home to play the latest true-crime podcast or allow different family members to catch up on the news in one room and exercise to an invigorating playlist in another. Your system is customizable to fit the listening preferences of each family member.

Operate the System from Anywhere

Lucky for you, most of these audio systems don’t require a separate remote for each room. We strive to install systems that are easy to manage by even the most technology-challenged family member. Controlling your system is easy using an app on your mobile devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or even through a wall-mounted control panel or voice command assistant. This allows anyone to add their favorite song to the queue, even without the paired app. When the party’s over, cut or fade the music with the touch of a button.

Enjoy a Variety of Options

With so many speakers throughout your home, why would you limit yourself to listening to audio from a single platform? When a team of professionals like iWired installs your whole-home audio system, you’ll be able to choose from many inputs. Choose between a YouTube meditation, Pandora station, Amazon music, Spotify podcast, and many more. A centralized control system allows you to use these speakers with televisions in your living and media rooms, so host a video game tournament, Sunday night football, or a movie night with your family and friends. No matter what ways you decide to use your audio system, you’ll be able to enjoy the precise sound from a superior system that’s easy to operate.

With a whole-home audio system, you can spread the joy of music to the corners of your property. Are you ready to bring more harmony to your household? Whether you’d like to take your sound system outdoors or centralize your system’s control panel, our team at iWired is excited to design and install the perfect system for you.
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