Four Ways Commercial Audio-Video Solutions Set Your Business Apart

Nowadays, enjoying a memorable night out often involves some experience full of lights, sound, and color. Her favorite bar was the one with the colorful dance floor, but his favorite had giant flat screens to sing karaoke. As a business owner, commercial audio and video can offer these types of experiences that will leave your patrons wanting to return again and again. Whether you offer sports entertainment, trivia nights, personalized menu screens, or a cutting-edge sound system, here are our favorite ways to help bar and restaurant owners utilize commercial audio-video solutions:

Amplify the Sound

Any good business has music playing to set the mood, whether it’s at full blast or a soft murmur in the background. Audio is the most common and easiest way to incorporate commercial solutions into your business. For club owners who want to keep the party going all night, loud and crisp audio is ideal. Alternatively, if you want to encourage your patrons to enjoy lively conversation, quiet background music is preferable. Our team at iWired can install audio systems that allow your guests to take control of the music, or for an employee to connect their phone and stream a playlist across the building or in a particular space. We suggest a centralized system that makes managing your audio super streamlined, especially in places with sports bars and trivia nights to match the screen’s volume with your audience’s excitement.

Pack a Visual Punch

Modern customers want something that will set their experiences apart. Adding flat-screen displays across your business will pack a visual punch that can increase your sales, from digital menus to giant screens broadcasting sports and entertainment. By placing social media hashtags on digital signs, you can gain some free publicity and inspire guests to share photos having fun, enjoying your food and drinks, or whatever events you may be throwing. Cutting-edge video solutions will help your business stand out.

Increase Customer Engagement

Including fresh, interactive technology is proven to draw crowds to a business. Some restaurants and bars display individual screens with the capacity to order food, entertain, and pay for their meal at each table. Some bars feature LED-paneled dance floors with pressure and movement sensors that change color and graphics as partygoers dance on them. Open your business to hosting events, from corporate gatherings to birthday parties and weddings to increase revenue. Guests will be delighted in a space with unique audio, video, and lighting systems, whether you use a projector to play rounds of trivia or project images on the dance floor.

Automate the Ambience

To make your new audio-visual systems enjoyable and efficient, we suggest installing a smart control system. You’ll be able to manage every aspect of your business from wherever you are, whether it’s an app on your mobile device or a touch-screen panel. Soon you can shift your bar’s mood with the appropriate adjustment of music, lighting, and visuals at a pre-set time, or keep the atmosphere separate depending on location. Your bathrooms and kitchen can stay bright, your dining and drinking spaces soft, and your dance floor dynamic. Adjust the volume to match your crowd; timed scenes also give employees one less thing to worry about as the day shift becomes the night shift. When it’s closing time, your music and lighting can also change to gently encourage them to begin leaving and shut off after the last closer leaves to save you energy and money.

Commercial AV solutions can take your business to the next level; iWired is here to help you accomplish your plans by designing and installing an intricate system to create a memorable experience your customers won’t forget.  Contact us today to get started.