Whether You are planning on building a new home, or you just bought a new home and you need to retro fit a system, iWired can handle your job. We provide a host of outstanding services across a wide variety of different areas. If you need home automation, lighting control, central vacuum, security systems, home theater, distributed audio, intercom, home networking, you name it, we can handle it!

Home Automation

iWired sells a number of products which will help you automate your home.


Give yourself the peace of mind to leave your home alone.

Home Theater Installation

Designing your dream home theater with iWired is an adventure in customization.

Home Networks

Your home network is the backbone of your connected home.

Automated Shades & Blinds

Automated shades and blinds keep your house cooler, more private and safer.

Central Vacuum

A central vacuum system keeps the floors, surfaces and air quality of your home cleaner.

Home Audio & Surround Sound

At iWired, we take pride in offering the finest audio systems and products in the industry.

Custom Lighting Solutions

Lighting Control Systems custom-crafted to fulfill your home's lighting needs.

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