Six Home Security Trends for 2022

As your place of refuge, your home should be where you feel most safe, and homeowners are taking control. More new homeowners want convenience using integrated systems and devices, especially in the millennial generation. Each year, the automated home security markets grow exponentially with new technologies. Here are six home security trends that our team at iWired believes are worth watching in 2022.

Remote Controlled Security

Remotely controlled devices are growing in popularity for smart tech users, whether they decide to install smart locks, lighting systems, or hazard prevention devices like smoke, water, and gas sensors. No matter if you’re in or out of the home, you can activate and monitor these kinds of devices through customized apps. Cutting-edge remote systems can detect if anyone is home before setting alarms and sensors. If anyone trips the sensors, the system will alert the designated family members and respective authorities to take appropriate action before the issue magnifies. No matter how many working pieces are in your home, it’s becoming easier to integrate everything into a single system, all in the palm of your hand.

Advanced Surveillance

No matter where in the world the homeowners are, they want to know that their property is safe at all times. With the growing usage of CCTV cameras and software systems within the residential and commercial industries, homeowners can now access live camera feeds at any time, day or night. Tech companies are achieving new heights with thermal and infrared cameras, which can detect movement in low-light or night-time settings. Another growing trend within surveillance is the usage of artificial intelligence, in which the system captures and communicates images to remember data and simplify tasks.

Cloud Computing Systems

There’s a growing need for computing connectivity and data storage for home security devices, and their integration leaves homeowners vulnerable to hackers exploiting sensitive data. Cloud storage is a step above typical on-premise solutions with more secure data storage. This solution offers remote access and free user-friendly services while minimizing the potential of software issues and hardware malfunctions that make your devices unusable.

Extra Cybersecurity Measures

We often share personal data, passwords, and accounts through multiple devices, which only increases the possibility of a data breach. Experienced hackers can break into the systems that we use to secure our door locks or log into our banks through our phones and tablets. Therefore, more homeowners want to use cybersecurity solutions to protect their WiFi routers and devices like garage door openers, which aren’t necessarily manufactured with the tightest security software.

Voice Recognition

Whether we need to ask Google for a weather update or for Alexa to shut off the lights, a voice command assistant does a lot to help simplify daily tasks. But did you know these devices can be used for security purposes too? Designated people can ask their voice assistant to turn on exterior lighting, lock doors, or disarm the alarm system. Big companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon are coalescing around Matter, a universal connectivity standard that allows devices of different brands to communicate with each other. It will streamline the ability to operate your home and give you more choices in purchasing brand options that are best for you.

Facial Recognition

A more personalized way to secure your home is through facial recognition technology. You may already be using it through Apple Face ID to unlock your iPhone or through Google Photo’s cataloging software that identifies faces in the photos you take. Now, facial recognition is becoming a commonplace feature in CCTV cameras; capturing clear photos of faces and storing the information within the database of regular visitors. If your camera recognizes a person, it can send you a notification telling you who’s at the door. As the technology advances in 2022, your smile may be the key to unlocking the door instead of fingerprints or passcodes.

Do you already use any of these solutions for your home security? Whether you have questions about facial recognition or want to install a remote-controlled CCTV system, our team at iWired is ready to let you design and install a state-of-the-art home security system that protects your assets and family. Call us today to get started.