Home Technology Trends of 2021

Your home does so much; it shelters your valuable assets and precious loved ones, it provides a place for you to take refuge from the stress of the outside world, and it grants you the intersection between pleasure and convenience. At least, that’s the ideal purpose of a home. With technology affecting all aspects of our lives, it’s becoming ever-more present in households across the nation. 2021 is looking to be a year of transformative technology that can benefit your household and streamline your daily life. Here are the most exciting home technology trends to look forward to in 2021.

The Internet of Behaviors

2020 was the year of the Internet of Things, but 2021 is about the Internet of Behaviors (IoB), which is often defined as “the digital dust” of people’s lives, the fingerprints left behind that brands and organizations use to monitor data as it relates to user behaviors. These technologies include big data, facial recognition, and location tracking that give both government and private organizations deep insight into the how and why of people’s habits and actions online. While clothing brands can target buying habits and corresponding ads and car insurers target policies to specific age and location demographics, IoB is already within the home changing our home life. It lies within the facial recognition technology in home security systems, the customizable automated settings that are carefully attuned to your daily habits, and automated locks that sense when you’re far from home.

Kitchens Embrace Hyper-Automation

The ways we design our living spaces are rapidly changing with smart technology. While hyper-automation is already popular throughout the majority of the home, with automated audio-visual entertainment and lighting, this hyper-automation is moving towards the kitchen. The goal of automation is to make life easier and avoid the tedious manual processes that take up too much of your day. When you don’t have to spend unnecessary time doing weekly grocery shopping or deciding what healthy, dietary-specific, and crowd-pleasing option to make for dinner, you find extra time to do things that matter to you. It’s possible with a kitchen that’s smartly connected to your schedule. When your kitchen is controlled by smart devices, you can add items to a grocery list that’s sent to your local supermarket’s pickup services. You can craft a digital calendar that plans out daily meals and ensures you have all the necessary ingredients. You can customize settings that automatically activate your ideal bright lighting, lower house temperatures, and favorite playlists when it’s time to cook.

Home Security

The rise of technology coincides with the need for security, and, understandably, your home should be a safe place for your family to live in peace. 2021 will bring a wider variety of technology options that secure your home. Smart surveillance systems can now sense and record movement, recognize faces, and contact police and fire departments during emergencies.

2021 is bound to be an exciting year full of technological advancements, and who knows what discoveries will impact us in the upcoming years. As the world grows more connected through technology, iWired is here to help you design a home equipped with smart technology for the years to come.