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Smart Home Automation Company In Scottsdale, AZ & Denver, CO

Enhance Your Home with iWired's Smart Home Automation

A Smart Home is a Better Home in Scottsdale and Denver

At iWired, we are dedicated to transforming your living space into a smart, seamless, and sophisticated environment. Our expertise in home automation brings your dreams to life, offering unparalleled convenience and control in every corner of your home.

Smart Home Simplification - Making Life At Home More Connected.

Smart devices are revolutionizing the way we interact with our homes. With iWired’s solutions, gain remote access to essential elements like your thermostat or porch camera. Control each aspect with ease, set timers, and view live footage through your smartphone. Embrace the potential of automating every room in your house for a lifestyle defined by ease and elegance.

Transform your Denver or Scottsdale residence into an intelligent, connected space with iWired’s cutting-edge home automation solutions. Control lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more – all from a single, intuitive interface. Enjoy effortless convenience, enhanced comfort, and significant energy savings.

Here at iWired, we have designed state-of-the-art home automation systems that allow you to control everything in your home with the touch of a button. Whether you desire to replace multiple remote controllers with a single elegant touchpad or operate your home systems from any mobile digital device, we will turn your house in a sleek and modern work of art.

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What Can A Home Automation Company Do For Your Scottsdale or Denver Home?

Home automation opens a new realm of possibilities, giving you complete control over devices in your home, from lighting to sound systems. iWired shows you how automation can streamline management of both your home’s interior and exterior, starting with smart locks, video doorbells, and advanced security systems.

Control your home environment with ease through your smartphone or voice commands. In the kitchen, add items to your grocery list with a simple voice command. Voice automation replaces manual adjustments of light switches or alarms, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Remote Access and Control By iWired Allows Control Over:

Your phone, tablet, or in-wall panels become a universal remote, offering control of your home automation system from anywhere. 

Denver & Scottsdale Home Automation – What We Offer​

One Touch Control - Let Wired Automate Your Home Today

With the help of iWired, you can program multiple lifestyle scenario settings for your home system. If you are out of your house and realize you forgot to turn off a light, you can simply choose an “Away” setting on your mobile device that will remotely turn off all lights, music, and TVs as well as adjust your HVAC settings as desired. Not only are you being environment friendly, but you are also cutting down monthly energy costs for your family.

iWired makes every moving part of your home a component of your automation system. From vacuums to curtains, security cameras, and more, we ensure a seamless setup. Learn to manage your smart home with ease through your phone or installed touchscreen panels. Choose iWired for a home that’s not just smart, but a step ahead in luxury and convenience.

Seamless Control, Customized for You

Effortlessly manage lights, thermostats, shades, locks, and more with one streamlined smart home system tailored to your unique needs.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Control your home with voice commands, your smartphone, dedicated touch panels, or elegant keypads. Create automated schedules for optimal efficiency and a home that works for you.

Security & Peace of Mind

Keep a watchful eye over your Denver or Scottsdale property with smart cameras, monitored alarm systems, and remote access control. View what’s happening and who’s at your home from anywhere in the world. 

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