Builders! Take your home-building projects to the next level with innovative outdoor living solutions from Vangeo Group (iWired & HomeRun Electronics). This webinar explores the latest trends in outdoor kitchens, entertainment spaces, and smart technology integration.

Key Takeaways: 

➡️ Why outdoor kitchens are a must-have feature for modern homes (and the benefits they offer over traditional home additions).
➡️ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Outdoor Kitchens: Learn how to avoid common mistakes and create a functional, beautiful outdoor space.
➡️ Discover the latest trends in outdoor living: privacy features, innovative lighting, seamless indoor-outdoor flow, and more.
➡️ Explore a variety of pre-assembled outdoor kitchen solutions, featuring high-quality materials like HDPE for durability and sustainability.
➡️ How pre-configured vignettes, drawings, and communication plans can help you manage customer expectations and ensure a successful project outcome.
➡️ Learn how outdoor living spaces can improve property values and provide homeowners with an expanded living area at a fraction of the cost of a traditional addition. Watch this webinar to gain valuable insights and discover how Vangeo Group can help you create dream outdoor living spaces for your clients