Control4 + Lighting Control

Having a lighting control system has many benefits. Once your home is on one system, the potential is limitless, and you can get creative with what you do with your home’s lighting. The proper lighting controls will transform a home, improving how it functions, feels, and looks. With the help of iWired, you can program multiple lifestyle scenario settings for your home system. Here are our favorite ways to use lighting control systems to effectively ‘light up your life’!

Kitchen Lighting

Color on Command

Lighting can directly affect your senses on a subconscious level. Blue and white light makes us feel energetic, while red light helps increase melatonin levels. Transform your home into the ultimate soiree, or set the mood for a relaxing night indoors. Use Control4’s built-in color wheel to change the ambiance instantly.

Colored lights not only directly impact humans but can also add a breath of fresh life to your garden. Your herb, vegetable, or flower garden will thrive more than ever with the help of colorful lights. Blue lights encourage the growth of new leaves, while the combination of blue and red lights encourages the plants to blossom.

Outdoor entertainment lights

Hands-Free Illumination

Your smart home lighting systems can add a layer of safety to your home. Exterior lighting with motion sensors can be triggered when anyone steps on your property, lighting your driveway when you get home late or deterring criminals from entering. Interior motion sensor lights can be helpful when looking for a midnight snack or when forgetful family members leave multiple lights on. Voice commands can light the way when your arms are full of groceries or when you are cooking and cleaning. Both motion and voice-command lighting control systems will allow you to turn off any lights that aren’t in use, ultimately reducing energy costs.

Nothing adds to the beauty of your home than the correct lighting in the proper setting: transform your bedroom into a place of peace and tranquility, keep your kitchen productive, functional, and clean, or turn your media room into a place of fantasy with the power of lighting. Set the scene for different events and amaze your guests with voice control automation.

Convenient & Effortless Control

It’s easier than ever to control a lighting system. Our lighting control systems are easily operated through a smart device, such as a wall panel, tablet, or smartphone, leaving you in charge of your home from any location. Your mobile device will enable you to adjust the settings to alter your lights’ intensity and color throughout your home.

Automating tasks is a huge benefit, leading to a home that operates smoothly by removing the least efficient piece of the equation: human intervention. Imagine exterior lights turning on as you enter the driveway and the kitchen lights switching on to welcome you home. Customized lighting can create “living zones” in highly trafficked areas of the home to keep your dining room looking calm or your living room inviting.

Control system for lights

Increase the Value

At iWired, we offer lighting control to fit your daily tasks and home. It will automatically increase your home’s value, especially as many potential buyers can spot the advantage themselves. You’ve made an investment in your home that makes it aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate, thanks to Control4. As more homebuyers seek smart home automation as a must-have in their checklist, a lighting control system will only become more popular and make your home more alluring, increasing the possibility of a sale.

Lighting control systems combine functionality, safety, and elegance into one package appealing to any homeowner. Under Control4’s operations, you can use your lights with the rest of your home’s controls. If you’re curious about exploring lighting control throughout your home, contact us at iWired today to begin!