Four Reasons to Add a Home Theater to Your New Build

Lights, Camera, Action! Perhaps your first date with your partner was in 1985 to watch The Breakfast Club, you spent the summer with your grandparents who spoiled you with popcorn and candy while watching Pirates of the Caribbean, or you took your child and his friends to see Pixar’s Toy Story for his 8th birthday. You inevitably remember the hassle of going to see the new release; standing in line for tickets, wishing for a jacket or blanket, the young child behind you kicking your chair, and the phone that rings despite all of the requests for silence. Now, think about how nice it would be to have a home theater; no standing in long lines, blankets are readily available, plenty of space to spread out, no one kicking your chair, and no phone distractions. iWired is here to help you build your smart home with added features to bring the cinema experience to you, hassle-free! Here are a few of our favorite reasons to add a home theater to your new build in 2023.

Home theater

Value Added to Your Property

Just like swimming pools and updated kitchens, investing in the proper equipment, contractor, and seating for your home theater can greatly increase the value of your home. According to an online report, the global home theater systems market is expected to reach $54.78 billion in 2026. A dedicated home theater can add up to $50 thousand to the value of your home, as well as the nonmonetary incentives of comfort and enjoyment.

Improves the Atmosphere

Imagine the smile on your granddaughter’s face while watching the new Barbie film in your home; nobody can turn that down! You can catch movies on the day of release, host a Super Bowl party to watch the game on the big screen, or even binge your favorite TV series, all in unparalleled cinema-style quality. With added benefits like total control and comfort, you can pause your movie to refill your popcorn bowl, take a restroom break, add subtitles, or start the movie at a time that is convenient for you, avoiding those pesky theater schedules.

Home theaters make a great cause for family and friend get-togethers, watch parties, and much more. If you are looking for a romantic space for date nights with your partner, somewhere warm and cozy to entertain your friends, or a relaxed environment to decompress in the evenings, a home theater makes it all possible!

Couple watching a movie

Makes the Ultimate Video Game Experience

Though great for movie-watching and binging series, this addition is not limited to motion picture viewing. Multiplayer mode on a standard television comes with tiny split screens and squinting to see your character in the game. Playing video games on the big screen would bring the experience to the next level. Increased visibility from a high-definition projector, ultimate surround sound, and thematic lighting makes you feel like you’re in the game. Adding a soundproof barrier inside your home theater could ensure your video gamers aren’t bothering others in your home with their enthusiastic commentary and game player chats. If you want to challenge your best friend to a Mario Kart™ race, simply connect your device and enjoy the enlarged split-screen mode. For a better experience in Call of Duty®, turn the lights down and the volume up to hear the boom!

Customize the Space to Best Fit Your Aesthetic

When designing and building your dream home, there are several elements you can customize to best fit your style; for example, your kitchen backsplash, shower tiles, and dining room chandeliers. Similarly, adding a home theater means you can choose ceiling tiles, acoustic panels, high-quality seating, lighting, and an optional refreshment station, all tailor-made so you can enjoy these times to the fullest.

Home theater seating

It’s important to remember that home theaters work best in rooms that are not pass-throughs, and square footage is vital for a comfortable fit and optimal viewing distance. Upscale theater seating may include power reclining, headrests and lumbar support, LED lighting, built-in storage, tray tables, cup holders, heating/cooling, and massage features built into the chairs. While projectors are common for home theaters, some homeowners opt to use a large, flat-screen television with Blu-ray players and streaming capabilities. Complete darkness is preferred to achieve a true home theater, but dimming lights are helpful when needed.

If you are building and designing your new home or would like to give your current home a facelift by adding a home theater, our team at iWired is ready to build the home theater that suits your budget and desires so that you never miss a moment of the action. Contact us today to begin!