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In this day and age, it’s important to stay connected. The first step to having an integrated home is having a solid home network so all your devices can communicate with each other. No matter how many devices and users are on a single network you’ll be able to enjoy high speeds. At iWired, our highly trained technicians will run cabling throughout your entire home to establish a good foundation for a strong and reliable Internet connection. We understand that home networking can be a confusing subject, so we created this guide to explain what it can do for you.

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Why A Home Network?

For many families, one computer is no longer enough to go around. In a multiple-computer household, a home network often becomes a necessity rather than a technical toy, allowing computers to communicate. If you have two or more computers in your home, a network can let them share files, an Internet connection, printers, and much more!

Out of Sight and Out of Mind

In a fast-paced world, you need technology that can keep up. Structured wiring is a whole-house approach to organizing your cabling and running it back to a central location. This gives your home a technology backbone that provides the infrastructure for all your home’s technology.

Our seamless installations mean no visible wires and your home will look as good as ever while being more functional. Structured wiring connections ensure your home’s security by providing plenty of network, phone, audio, or video outlets in every room so you can stay connected. We install all your cabling so your office, bedroom, and living spaces aren’t clogged with unseemly wiring. It’s a big undertaking, but it increases your home’s value.

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Consistent Coverage in Your Home

You and your family probably know the wireless dead zones in your home where the connection is poor and videos often buffer. While most wireless routers can cover a medium-sized home, they fail to provide a consistent connection to larger homes with dense walls, multiple floors, metal and concrete substructures, and other structural elements blocking the reach of the router. Range extenders can fill in dead zones but only provide around half the bandwidth from your main router. Although access points offer more bandwidth, they require a wired connection to the main router. Both require you to log in to a different network as you move through the house. A mesh Wi-Fi system eliminates these complications by offering plenty of bandwidth and a strong wireless connection across your whole home on a single network. If you decide to extend coverage to your garage or yard, Wi-Fi mesh systems are simple to expand; there is no limit to the number of nodes you can add to the system.

Convenient Control

Wi-Fi systems are intuitively designed for users with little technical knowledge and can be installed in minutes. Most include a mobile app with instructions to install your system and suggestions for placing your nodes around the home for optimized coverage. The network will automatically select the best Wi-Fi channel for maximum performance, so your wireless connection will remain strong no matter where you are in the house. You can continue managing your system with your smartphone, whether you want to disable Wi-Fi access to particular devices, give specific devices network priority, or adjust your wireless security settings without logging into a confusing admin profile. Even better, these systems automatically install updates so you won’t miss anything.

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Future Proof Your Home

As more family members are working, attending school, and finding entertainment at home, you’ve probably noticed an increase in devices on your network that contribute to a slow connection. Mesh technology makes it easier than ever to add devices without overthinking placement and configuration. The router and nodes utilize internal antennas and are well-designed, often without flashing LED indicators. They discreetly blend in with your home’s decor and you can place them in open areas that maximize an efficient connection. While USB connectivity is a dying feature, the routers and nodes tend to have at least one local area network (LAN) port if you prefer a wired connection with a TV or gaming console. No matter how many devices you may add in the future, your system can handle it.

Wi-Fi networking solutions offer powerful and secure connections with a wide coverage range, including indoor and outdoor access points, so you’ll never have to deal with pesky video buffering again. If you’re ready to take control of your network without getting bogged down with confusing maintenance, our team at iWired is here to help. Contact our team of experts today!

Home Networks

In this day and age it’s important to stay connected

The first step to having an integrated home is having a solid home network so all of your devices can communicate effectively with each other. Our highly trained technicians will run cabling throughout your entire home to establish a good foundation for a strong and reliable internet connection. We can also install your Wi-Fi access points and get all your devices connected so you can get to streaming your favorite shows or browsing the internet right away.

And with our seamless installations meaning no visible wires, your home will look as good as it ever did, but be far more functional.

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