How Smart Technology Adds Wellness to Your Home

Focusing on wellness has become the latest healthy trend. Wellness specialists emphasize little aspects of your environment that culminate in a healthy way of living. Lighting, aroma, and even music contribute to a relaxed mind and body. With smart home technology, you can make your home’s atmosphere the envy of anyone chasing wellness. 

Allow Smart Lighting to Affect Your Mood

Through a smart system connected to your phone, tablet, or a wall panel, you can take total control of the lights in every room. You’ll be able to adjust brightness and color, so you can create the mood you need. Increase focus and productivity in the mornings with bright white light, while enjoying dinner under a warm gentle glow. Reduce blue light in the hours before bedtime to help you achieve a deeper sleep. You’ll never have to remember if you’ve turned off the lights! Schedule a time for certain “scenes” to activate, so your lights can turn on with your 6 am alarm and begin to dim at 8 pm.

Monitor Air Quality & Temperature Control

Smart systems extend beyond lights and sound to even include air purification. Track and control the equipment providing the regular filtration of your home’s air. Once connected to your smart system, you’ll know immediately if it needs maintenance. If you decide to integrate a thermostat with the air purifier, you can also adjust the individual room temperature. If you’d like to warm the bedroom a bit in the morning and cool down the kitchen when you cook, you can set automatic adjustments. Not only will this help you keep a healthy schedule, but your home will be free of allergens. Healthy lungs for every member of the family!

Improve Relationships with Multi-Room Audio

Listening to music is a pastime enjoyed by family members of all ages. Sonos conducted a study comparing households that played music every day to those who played none. We all know it’s fun to listen to music, but they also found the musical household cooked more, improved relationships, and reported lifted moods.

If a more harmonious family sounds like you something you’d love, we suggest installing a whole-home audio system. Your smart system connects to speakers in every room, so you can select a playlist, adjust volume, and sync sound with light and other media, all from your phone, tablet, or wall panel. You can even play different songs in separate rooms. Maybe some fun oldies funk gets you into the cooking grove before dinner, or soothing piano rouses you from sleep on groggy mornings. Create settings that automatically play the music you want, when you want it. However you feel like customizing it, music can be there to add a soundtrack to your life.

Are you ready to take the next step into incorporating wellness into your smart home? Contact iWired, and one of our certified professionals will discuss what a smart system can do for you.