Ring in Spring with Smart Outdoor Solutions

The sun is shining and spring is in full swing! With outdoor smart home solutions, your yard can be transformed into the place to be this spring and summer. Whether you want to bring music to your pool or heightened security to your patio, iWired has you covered. Here are several spaces you can install smart outdoor solutions to ring in the spring.

Gated Entry

A gated entry to your property is one of the best ways to secure your property. Smart remote security systems can automatically open and close your gates when they sense your car’s ID tag for effortless travel. When visitors arrive at your gate attempting to enter or exit the property, the system can send you an alert so you can view the gate from a live camera feed, chat with anyone via an intercom, and command the gate remotely. Grant regular guests easy access with a PIN or keycard, while automatically logging all entries into a specialized management system for audits. Finally, an underground heating system can keep your driveway free of ice and snow whenever it senses moisture combined with temperatures that drop below freezing.


Your patio will soon become your favorite place no matter the time of day. We offer weather-proofed technology from smart TV displays that take your movie nights outdoors or multi-channel speaker systems that allow you to relax in the power and precision of superior sound. Smart shading and lighting control will illuminate your space with the touch of a button to create a comfortable ambiance in the evenings. These lighting systems also increase security, deterring any intruders interested in your outdoor audio-visual system. Of course, it’s easy to control everything from a paired app on your smartphone under a centralized system. Using Wi-Fi mesh networks, we can extend your internet coverage to all points of your patio so you never experience a weak connection.


You can transform your poolside experience into a backyard oasis through user-friendly automation that allows you to set the mood with audio and lighting. We can mount waterproofed high-performing speakers to your pool walls so you can listen to music while you swim underwater. By integrating lighting control into the pool equipment system, you can control your pool’s temperature, jets, and even different shades and brightness levels of lighting with a minimal number of remotes. Strategically placed landscape lighting can elevate your yard’s atmosphere with lights that turn on and off based on the time of day to add an extra level of security to your backyard.


Did you know that smart outdoor solutions can improve your landscape’s functionality and aesthetic? An integrated system can automatically water your garden or lawn in the mornings, while accent lighting and weather-resistant audio will breathe fresh life into your gardens as you tend to your vegetables throughout the year. It’s easy to keep an eye on your yard 24/7 from any location with remote security systems that send alerts to your smartphone whenever it detects unexpected activity, so you can determine the animal culprit stealing your strawberries. Motion-activated alarms and lighting are a good start to stop intruders in their tracks.

Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor dining and entertainment experience will reach new heights with immersive audio and video to complement the perfect celebratory dinner. Whether you have an outdoor bar, grill, or full kitchen, it’s easy to enhance the cooking experience with extended Wi-Fi coverage so you can watch a meal tutorial or listen to your favorite podcast while you prepare dinner for the family. A whole-home audio system allows you to stream music from inside your home to your outdoor areas with the touch of a button or voice command. Grilling burgers becomes more fun when you watch the big game on weather-proofed 4K video screens that display every touchdown with superior clarity and precision.

Recreational Courts

Your games on the tennis or basketball court are more thrilling than ever with audio and lighting solutions that bring the action up a level. Our tailored acoustic treatments and professional-grade loudspeakers will blast your favorite tunes no matter the climate to match the energy of you and your opponents. Your volleyball games will become unforgettable when you’re enveloped in dramatic sound and lighting, with controls and speakers that are hidden from view so you don’t have to worry about a stray ball damaging your equipment. Automated lights can switch on when the sun goes down so you can finish your basketball match. Finally, keep an eye on your courts and sports equipment with a security system that can send a live camera feed to your smartphone.

Our smart outdoor solutions can help your yards maintain and protect themselves, leaving you with more time to sit back and relax with endless entertainment options. If you’re ready to bring a smart entertainment system to your patio or automated lighting to your recreational courts, contact our team at iWired today to get started!