Three Security Solutions Perfect for Summertime

The summer is in full swing, and it’s important to update your security measures; social life is returning to pre-pandemic levels. As you leave the house more often, it’s important to minimize issues that could happen when you’re away. Here are three of iWired’s suggestions to ensure you have a safe summer of fun.

Deter Break-Ins with Mockupancy

Did you know burglaries happen at a higher rate during the summer? You shouldn’t let this frighten you; your automated system is prepared to discourage potential robbers looking for an easy target. Many families take a vacation, and whether you’re gone for a weekend or a month, it’s a nightmare to return to a broken-in home. One of the most effective methods of preventing break-ins is known as “Mockupancy,” which fools intruders and neighbors into thinking your home is occupied. It’s simple: set automated scenes that occur at different times of the day to switch lights on and off in particular rooms, turn your television on and off, open and close blinds, and add whatever else you’d like to bolster the illusion.

However, break-ins can occur even when you’re in town and only gone for dinner. You’ll always remember to arm and prepare your home with alerts sent to your phone. For example, if a family member forgot to arm the system before leaving the house, your smart system will notice and send you a notification to remotely activate the system with your mobile app. Alerts are most effective at times of the day when you know everyone has left the house. Now you’ll be able to ensure your home is operating smoothly and securely, and you can switch off lights, arm your system, and close the garage door no matter where you are.

Enable Smart-Locks with Geofencing Technology

Everyone is delving into a social summer, so you’ll likely see more people coming and going through your doors for your backyard BBQ, pool party, potluck, and other fun gatherings. As your kids run off to another summer bash, someone is likely to forget to lock the door. Geofencing technology is the answer to this issue; a virtual dynamic fence builds a perimeter around your home to track your family’s movement within its boundaries in real-time in using mobile data or Wi-Fi, meaning you’ll be able to spot when your family members are close to home and safely inside through an app on your mobile device. Take your security a step further to ensure no door remains unlocked by integrating geofencing technology into your smart security system. This allows your phone to enable smart locks automatically when the last person has left your home’s perimeter.

Location tracking can be helpful to check in on your kids arriving home from school, ensure no one is sneaking out for a late-night party, or find a missing phone that someone left lying around. You can choose whatever size you please for your geofenced area; whether you have a tight perimeter around your cozy home or multiple points that connect to cover a multi-acre property. After you install geofencing technology, be sure to familiarize yourself and your family members with its capabilities so everyone is aware of how to leave and arrive at a safe home. If you have other smart systems, you can even automate exterior lights to switch on and the garage door to open when a family member enters the perimeter. Now you’ll be able to enjoy adventures beyond the summer with the peace of mind that your home is always safe.

Watch Your Home with CCTV Cameras

Home automation solutions continue to find ways to check on your home even when you can’t be there, and now you can literally see who’s at your front door with CCTV cameras that send you alerts when motion is detected. Two-way voice operations allow you to chat with people at your front door even if you’re out of town. You’ll be able to view and speak to people through your mobile device, whether you’re greeting a visitor, thanking a delivery worker, or asking the Girl Scout to come back later so you can indulge in some Thin Mints. Security cameras and voice operations work just as well indoors; you’ll be able to solve sibling squabbles, check in on the babysitter, and make sure your teen doesn’t try to throw a party when you and your spouse leave for the weekend. You can also place motion detectors around different areas of your house that are strictly off-limits, whether it’s the master bedroom or attic. It’ll help your kids follow the rules and let you know if someone has broken into sensitive rooms in case of an emergency.

No matter how much you plan to be coming or going to and from your home, you and your family can enjoy a summer of fun without worrying about anything going wrong. If you’re ready to keep your family, property, and assets safe through smart home security solutions,
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