Fight Fatigue with Automated Home Lighting Systems

It’s no secret lighting can impact your mood and the way you feel, but did you know there are actual health benefits to having the correct lighting in your home? Many people are fighting fatigue with automated home lighting systems.

The lighting in your home or office space could be making you sluggish, fatigued, anxious or sad without you even noticing, your Phoenix area home could benefit from lighting control.

There is new research that was published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, which states that exposure to certain types of electric light before bed and at night can increase the risk of type 2 diabeteshigh blood pressure and even cancer. (Yes, yet, another thing on the list that can cause cancer.) Let’s not get side tracked on how bad lighting impacts our well being, instead let’s get into why automated lighting could enhance your well being.

You might be among the growing number of people who works remotely part or full time from home, meaning artificial lighting could be either helping you or limiting your production.

Scientists have found that light with more heat energy, or blue light, stimulates our minds more effectively than warm lights: that’s why when daylight seeps through our window in the morning, we struggle to fall back to sleep. Our bodies actually respond more energetically to light that emits more energy.

Light that mimics natural sunlight helps stimulates alertness because our body is programmed to wake up to blue lighting, but most homes don’t receive enough blue light, especially during the hot summer months when many of us who live in Phoenix, keep the blinds closed to save energy and reduce the impact of direct sunlight through a window.

Controlling the Light of Your Home -Automatically

In the new home developments around Phoenix, smart home technology is part of most of our lives. Homeowners expect top-notch smart home control systems to bring simplicity to everyday living.

In this blog, we’ll show you why iWired delivers high-quality lighting control for your home.

Smart lighting can be added to a frequently used room or throughout the entire house. And with different types of interactions—such as a touch screen that allows for easy ramping or dimming of any light, a dedicated keypad that activates a “scene” at the touch of one button, or control of the lights using just a voice command—smart lighting is both brilliant and beautiful.

You can even program the lights to respond to a homeowner’s schedule, without any touch at all. One-room lighting control for dedicated home theaters and family rooms, smart lighting can help set the mood and create an ambiance perfect for watching a movie or relaxing together.

Main living areas which are frequented by the family that can benefit from smart lighting. The kitchen, family room, master bedroom, and front porch are common examples. Smart lighting in the main living areas provides homeowners the benefit of taking advantage of lighting control in many different situations throughout the day. From waking in the morning, to entertaining, to going to bed.

Imagine a home that automatically begins to dim lights at bedtime? That means it is totally possible to help toddlers, teenagers and those who suffer from insomnia to get the best advantage as the light dims to help their bodies shift for sleep and then gently brightens to help the bodies wake up energized.

Also, by focusing the smart lighting budget on the high-value/high-traffic areas of the home, the benefits of smart lighting are more affordable than ever before. Whole-home smart lighting provides for a consistent experience and lighting control throughout the home. Every room and light can benefit from smart lighting, and wall clutter is reduced by simplifying lighting access and control.

Plus, when you use iWired, we also have a few hybrid approaches with hard wiring and wireless lighting which provides some flexibility in the budgeting of an automated lighting project.

Beyond Well-Being: Automated Lighting Offers Many Benefits

Homeowner benefits of smart lighting or Intelligent lighting that enhances beautiful lighting and design. Easily set the mood or create ambiance in a room or throughout the whole home using smart home scenes with the single touch of a button or with a voice command.

The iWired Automated Home Lighting System packages are intuitive and easy for the whole family to use, and can be controlled from a keypad on the wall, a mobile device or tablet, Apple Watch, and even Amazon Alexa voice control.

Peace of mind with smart lighting that illuminates your home for you.

  • Mockupancy simulates an occupied home even when away.
  • Never arrive to a dark home, thanks to lights that turn on as the garage door is opened after sunset.
  • In an emergency, automatically turn on every light in a home.
  • With multi-color LEDs, see if the front door is locked or the garage door is closed from across the room.
  • Improve energy efficiency with porch lights that turn on and off on a schedule and lights in a room that turn off when you leave.

Plus, many home owners come to us for lighting that coordinates with everything in a smart home.

iWired designs the networks and sells the products and services necessary to bring your automated home or office to life.
The products we sell and service include:

  • Home networks
  • Home automation and control devices
  • Security systems
  • Home theater systems
  • Distributed audio video
  • Central vacuums
  • Motorized shades and blinds

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