Maximize Your Climate Control Technology

Sometimes it feels impossible to think you can enjoy a cozy home while saving money and energy. But it’s easier than you think to make your climate control system accomplish exactly that. Whether you’re using the system that “came with the house” or one of the newest models, you can get the most out of it without having to freeze in the winter and melt in the summer. Here are a few of our suggested practical settings to adjust your thermostat with the changing seasons.

Purchase a programmable thermostat

If you can only do one thing for your climate control system, you should invest in a programmable thermostat. A quick installation isn’t enough; you’ll need to optimize the system to achieve satisfactory results. Simply put, it’s the most effective way to easily control your home’s temperature throughout the days and weeks. Program different settings for different times of the day, like higher temperatures in the morning and cooler settings throughout the day. We suggest a thermostat that grants you the option for multiple “scenes,” such as mealtimes or bedtime.

Activate energy-saving mode

Like most households, there are approximately eight hours in the day when the house is empty while everyone is busy with school, work, and other appointments. This is the ideal time for your thermostat to utilize its energy-saving mode, which you can adjust as the weather and seasons shift. To avoid arriving at a house that’s uncomfortably hot or cold, program your climate settings to start shifting approximately half an hour before the first family member comes home. Of course, another big benefit of using an energy-saving setting is that it will begin saving you money on your monthly electricity bill.

Adapt smoothly with the seasons

What if we told you it was possible to save money, energy, and your health? Adjust your temperature settings in degree graduations throughout the seasons to boost your immune system and help prevent allergies or tension headaches that can be caused by a sudden shift in temperature. Although it may seem too small to have any real impact, studies show it will support the health of you and your family members. By gradually changing the temperature settings by a degree or two, you’ll have more control over your home’s comfort and your body’s health.

Regularly Maintain Your System

It’s essential to pay close attention to your climate control function. There may be potential disconnects between your HVAC system and your thermostat that affect the quality of climate control. If your system is broken, get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid wasting energy and money. As you begin to understand how to best optimize your climate control, contact our team here at iWired, so our team of professionals can help you fix your system or help you choose an upgrade.