Monitor Your Home with Video and Sensor Surveillance

More homeowners are interested in utilizing smart home security systems to protect their property and loved ones, which has led to a renaissance in integrated systems and devices that are user-friendly and efficient. Companies like iWired are proud to partner with to deliver you some of the most cutting-edge products available on the home security market. Here are two main home security targets that consistently proves their expertise over and over.

Advanced Video Analytics

More Americans are using the Internet to order groceries, clothes, and gadgets to be delivered to their front door. Increases in packages on doorsteps have resulted in lots of package thieves and more Americans interested in securing their front doors. Video cameras are the perfect solution for keeping an eye on all your front door activity, from visitors to potential theft. We partner with to offer some of the best video cameras integrated with cutting-edge analytics.

Video analytics can determine whether that object in your driveway is a person, animal, or vehicle. It ignores a neighbor walking by your home but will alert you to someone at your doorstep. allows you to customize your video analytics, so for example, you can create “tripwire” alerts to capture anyone entering or exiting your property, or “ground zone” alerts that capture activity in doorways. You can even tap your app to unlock the door to give your visitor front door access.

If you hear something in the night, your video analytics will turn on the outdoor lights to shine a light on intruders. But you’re able to adjust which alert notifications you’d like to receive or which you’d prefer your system to ignore. The analytics filter your video alerts according to your preferences and customize how your home responds to them. allows you to place video cameras both indoors and outdoors so you can enjoy watching animals in your backyard or ensure your kids are doing their homework. You can even check in with a quick call through the camera. When it comes to package delivery,’s touchless video doorbell and smart lock will let you know when a delivery man comes to the door, so you can use your app to unlock the door, instruct him to put the package inside, and then close it again.

Intelligent Sensor Technology

Sensor technology has become an essential piece in most security systems. You may already have motion sensor security lights on the exterior of your home, but today you can choose sensors that trigger lights, an audible alarm, text notifications, or even calls to the appropriate authorities. Sensors can be placed around the exterior and interior of your home to capture motion, leaks, or anything that may be out of the ordinary.

Sensor technology is essential to a home security system nowadays. incorporates sensor lighting for nighttime movement, but did you know that there are also sensors that trigger alarms and even calls to the authorities? In case of a fire or carbon monoxide leak, pauses your thermostat automatically to slow the spread of fumes. In wintertime, you’ll receive alerts for low temperatures or HVAC malfunctions that could freeze and burst water pipes. Their temperature sensors monitor for humidity as well and are best installed in areas vulnerable to mold.

All it takes is a few minutes for a leaking pipe to flood your home causing thousands of dollars of damage. They always start where you can’t see them; under sinks, behind washers, in the attic. However, wireless smart sensors prevent damage by detecting leaks and shutting them down. If you happen to be home, you can turn off your water supply from the app, but if you’re away, your Smart Water Valve+Meter will take care of it for you. It also prevents water waste by sensing your consumption while running the toilet, sink, or shower, allowing you to manage and cut back your usage.

If you’re interested in increasing the surveillance on your property through video cameras or sensors, we believe systems will be one of the best ways to protect your home. Whether you have questions on video analytics or you’d like to bring water sensors to your home, contact iWired today to begin!