Create Beautiful Lighting in the Home with Lutron

The goal of your home is to offer you a refuge where you can relax, let loose, and enjoy the day-to-day rhythm. Your lighting will play a huge part in creating a mood that will help you feel motivated in the kitchen or tranquil in your bedroom. Here at iWired, we’ve partnered with Lutron, whose wide range of lighting solutions can beautifully illuminate all the spaces of your home. Here are some of our favorite lighting placements with Lutron to brighten up your home.

Lighting for Kitchens

A kitchen is usually considered one of the central gathering places of the home. Whether you’re cooking a family dinner or hosting friends to sip on wine, you’ll need a blend of task and ambient lighting solutions for all its purpose. You can achieve ambient lighting through a recessed light fixture or ceiling-mounted fixture that will encourage everyone to linger in the kitchen and savor the smells.

LED task lighting can be placed under your cabinets to illuminate your countertops while you chop and sauté. All of Lutron’s LED+ dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of light in your kitchen to help you create a variety of balanced moods while conserving more energy throughout the home.

Dining Room Fixtures

Your dining room will benefit from an elegant pendant that hangs several feet above your table to highlight your guests and meal conversation. Due to Lutron’s dimmer capabilities, you can adjust the brightness from your phone to create the ideal ambient lighting. Your dining room will likely only require a single light source to operate as task and ambient lighting.

However, depending on the color of the walls of your dining room, wall sconces or flush-mounted fixtures will brighten up darker shades to create a feeling of more space. We love Lutron’s Aliante pendant and wall sconces to create dramatically stunning visuals that harmonize with most luxury architectural designs.

Living Room Lighting

The living room is one of the most used spaces in the home, making layered lighting an ideal solution. Traditional recessed lighting casts a harsh downward light that creates uncomfortable shadows, and we prefer light setups that create more warmth and brightness that reflects off your walls and ceilings. A ceiling cove or valance lighting will bounce light off your ceiling to create brightness. Table lamps still create excellent task lighting, and accent lighting can highlight décor, artwork, or other architectural features. With Lutron’s Inflection sconces, your art can operate as your lighting with its streamlined, whimsical design and color-changing capabilities.

For media rooms that only require a bit of light when your TV isn’t in use, an elegant pendant or a few wall sconces should suffice to light your room. Lutron also offers automated lighting controls that allow you to easily adjust and manage your living room’s layered lighting with preset controls that make it easy to switch between settings like “game night” or “reading” so you aren’t constantly fumbling with your dimmers and switches.

Bathroom Lights

The bathroom needs strong task lighting that encourages you to look and feel your best for the day. We’re moving away from the traditional strip of light above the mirror due to the unflattering light that exaggerates blemishes or dark circles. Instead, we prefer the placement of pendants on either side of the mirror to achieve a brightness that evenly lights your face at eye level. If you share your bathroom, adjustable sconces may help users find that perfect angle for shaving their beard or applying eye makeup. On the flip side, we also believe an excellent bathroom can emit the feeling of a spa. If you’re seeking to add a feeling of relaxation to your bathroom, we love placing Silvus sconces near the bathtub. Its color-changing lights evoke the motion of water in a natural forest setting.

Bedroom Lighting

We believe that the bedroom should be the most relaxing place in your home, and therefore doesn’t require too much light. We believe a calm setting can be achieved through floor lamps, wall sconces, or subtle architectural lights. The L’ale sconce by Lutron and Ivalo has won design awards for its streamlined and elegant simplicity, and we believe it would be a perfect addition to a bedroom. For homeowners who love to read before bed, adjustable wall-mounted lamps are excellent task lighting that can be dimmed so as to not disturb your partner’s sleep. You can maintain brighter recessed or ceiling-mounted light fixtures in your closet, which will help you select your clothing for the day and provide a pop of brightness to wake you up.

Whether you’d like to give your living room a lighting facelift or you’re in the process of building and designing a new home, our team at iWired is ready to offer integrated lighting solutions to your home with artistic fixtures and centralized operating systems from Lutron. Whether you’d like to inquire about wall sconces or pendants for any room of the home, contact us today to begin!