7 Benefits of Installing a Central Vacuum System

Vacuuming is often an inconvenience, whether you’re tripping over cords, dumping the bad-smelling canister, or returning to the store every few years to purchase a new vacuum. Installing a central vacuum removes that inconvenience and guarantees your carpet stays pristine. However, most homeowners don’t realize that owning a central vacuum is a viable option. Vacuum manufacturers make larger profits selling portable vacuum cleaners over central vacuum systems, so they don’t heavily market their central vacuums.

There are misconceptions about how they operate. The biggest myth is the installation of a central vacuum system in an existing home means tearing down walls for a massive renovation. However, this is a falsity. The pipes are fed through an existing attic, basement, or crawlspace, and the only hole necessary is covered with an inlet backing plate, so the central vacuum will blend perfectly into your home. Here are several more reasons why you should consider owning a central vacuum system.

Wave Goodbye to Portable Vacuums

You may have found yourself back at the store every few years to purchase yet another pricey portable vacuum. But with a central vacuum system, you’ll only need to keep up basic maintenance, a much cheaper option than buying an entirely new product. You also won’t have to worry about scratching your head over filter problems, tripping over tangled extension or power cords, feeling awkward and off-balance when maneuvering, or overflowing its large trash capacity. Central vacuums are lightweight, have an impressive parts longevity, and operate with smooth elegance.

Effective Deep Cleaning

Motors in central vacuums can be three times stronger than portable vacuum motors, so not only do they remove surface dust and debris; they also suction up the deep grit and dirt that age and stain your carpets. Furthermore, the central vacuum’s motor stays cooler and therefore lasts longer than the motor in a portable vacuum because it is stored in a stationary spot in your garage or basement.

Simple to Operate

Nobody loves doing chores around the house, but cleaning becomes painless with a central vacuum. You’ll no longer have to lug around a heavy canister or upright vacuum down hallways or stairs. The spots that were hard to reach with your old clunky vacuum are now easy with the range of accessories that come with central vacuums. Their sleek design allows you to easily slide under furniture into the tightest nooks and crannies, so that dusty corner behind the fridge can finally be cleaned! A central vacuum system makes cleaning more efficient and effective than ever.

Enjoy Clearer Air and Reduced Allergies

We’ve often heard clients with central vacuums remark how the air within their homes has become cleaner, and those who suffer from seasonal allergies experienced a reduction in their allergic irritations. According to UC Davis, central vacuums are more effective in keeping the air clearer than portable vacuums. The debris, dirt, and dust that would normally be recycled into the air through a portable vacuum’s exhaust are instead sucked into the central vacuum’s main power unit in the garage or basement, then expelled outside. This keeps your home cleaner for longer; you may find you need to vacuum even less than usual.

Perfect for Any Space

We mentioned earlier that central vacuums are compatible with a range of accessories, but it doesn’t make cleaning overwhelming with so many options. Long hoses can extend across rooms and even reach to clean your garage, vehicles, boats, and RVs, eliminating your need to purchase a separate portable vacuum for these dirtier areas. Many male homeowners report that their central vac feels more like a power tool than a household appliance.

Less Noise, Less Annoyance

Portable vacuums create a noticeable noise, disturbing whatever activities other family members are doing, whether they’re on the phone, watching TV, or trying to sleep. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know a central vacuum is much quieter because the motor, the source of the noise, is located in the garage or basement. The only noise you’ll hear is the air flowing through the vacuum and vacuum head, meaning the rest of the family can peacefully coexist with your central vacuum.

A Wise Investment

It’s important to think of every household appliance as an investment towards your home, and the installation of a central vacuum is one of the smartest ones you can make. Not only do you save money over time, but you’ll also raise the value of your property when you decide to sell. The money you spent on the central vacuum will return to your pocket. As we have stated before, central vacuums last far longer than portable vacuums and only require major maintenance every ten years. Overall, installing a central vacuum is a process that is quick and easy and will make cleaning a smoother process than ever. If you have questions about bringing a central vacuum system to your home, contact iWired today!