Ten ways to enjoy Autumn with Outdoor AV equipment

As summer days begin easing into fall evenings, there’s no reason to go inside. Having an integrated home system doesn’t limit your systems to indoors; your home technology can easily move outside as well as long as you have the right equipment. Imagine snuggling up with your family on crisp outdoor movie nights or relaxing in a hot tub with landscape rock speakers playing a gentle tune nearby. We have what you need for the transition from summer to fall.

1. Remember to weatherproof your equipment

Inside, controlled lights and temperature create a stable, safe environment for speakers. But outdoor weather brings rain, humidity, sun, snow, and more! By ensuring you have connections, cables, and equipment for outdoor use on your AV equipment, you’ll see the results of proper performance.

2. Push your Wi-Fi to the edge of the yard

Have you ever tried moving outdoors on a video call to show your friend the new pool or watch a tutorial while you garden only to have the video quality drop? Your coverage doesn’t have to stop at the back door; we offer special extenders that can take your Wi-Fi as far as you’d like.

3. Curl up outside for family movie night

Investing in a weather-resistant TV will result in higher quality than a simple projector and a blanket screen. These TVs are perfect for outdoor movie nights, football games, streamed TV show binges, or whatever else your heart desires.

4. Bring out controlled heaters for cool evenings

As the days and nights begin getting cooler, integrated climate control over your patio may help adjust the temperature. You’ll be able to stay comfortable no matter what the outdoor weather decides to do.

5. Rock’n’roll with landscape speakers

If you don’t want the obvious glare of classic speakers sitting in your backyard, you can opt for landscape rock speakers. You’ll have your guests wondering where all the rockin’ music is coming from.

6. Feel the bass reverberate through the ground

Being able to step outside and feel the bass shake beneath your feet is an unusually cool feeling. We can hide outdoor subwoofers underground, leaving them completely out of sight.

7. Include automated lighting to go with the mood

Imagine color-changing lights that shift with your mood. Whether in your pool, under covered areas, or hidden in your garden, you can control them manually or customize different time settings.

8. Combine all your systems with home automation

But how could outdoor lighting, music, and TV possibly get better? By operating everything from a sleek interface; home automation can combine all your equipment into a single network.

9. Access your system with your mobile device

​Using your mobile device, whether it’s your cell phone or a tablet, will make controlling your home automation system even easier. With the installation of a simple app, you’ll be able to adjust lights, sound, temperature, and volume with the touch of a button.

10. Pour a drink, sit back, and enjoy your new outdoor system

The easiest step of all, we know you can handle it! If you’d like help in creating your dream outdoor oasis, call us at iWired today to help with your outdoor entertainment.