Four reasons to bring control4 motorized shades to your home

We’re sure your house has blinds, but do you use them? According to the US Department of Energy, around 75% of window coverings remain in the same position daily. There are many reasons why this may be the case, but we tend to find that a daily manual adjustment of individual shades is a tedious task that many families feel they don’t have the time for in between work, cooking dinner, raising kids, and taking time to relax. However, iWired is proud to partner with Control4, one of the leading integration systems in the industry to help simplify your daily at-home tasks. Here are four reasons you should operate your motorized shades with Control4 solutions.

Integrate Your Shades with a Smart Home System

The best smart homes host a variety of devices that work together harmoniously to improve your home’s efficiency. A standard window covering forces you to operate each one by hand, but motorized blinds can operate independently and seamlessly with other smart home systems under the centralization of Control4. This integration means your motorized window blinds can work alongside your thermostat and automated lights to adjust your home’s brightness and temperature. For example, before going to bed at night, the touch of a button can close your blinds, turn on your exterior security lights, and lower your thermostat.

With Control4, you can also integrate your smart home devices with timers and sensors, which means you never have to even touch the shades. For example, you can use a timer to trigger one or a few of your window coverings to open and close at select times of the day. For example, you can set them to open at 6:30 am to help you wake up, close at 8 am when you leave the house, and open again when you arrive home near 5:30 pm. You can even pre-set the position of the shades, so you can enjoy the afternoon light without suffocating heat, with the shades 75% open and slowly closing until you have full privacy once the sun has set.

A Variety of Control Options

Whether you’re immersed in a good movie or book, adjusting the blinds is the last thing on your mind until the glare makes it unbearable. With motorized window blinds, you can preset your blinds to close during the hours of the day when it casts a glare or make the quick adjustment from the Control4 app on your phone. Control4 also offers wall panels, remote controls, and push-button solutions that make controlling the blinds simple, even if you’re busy with a child. Alternatively, older children will delight in controlling the blinds with ease without struggling with a manual cord, which also poses a strangulation risk for pets and small children. You can even integrate Control4 systems with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to make a simple voice command, often the easiest option for the elderly or very small who don’t want to fuss with screens or buttons. While adjusting the shades used to take minutes, it can now take seconds to operate every shade of the home.

Automation Settings Add Security and Privacy

Many people love to have large windows in the home to let in the natural light, but privacy is often a concern. With motorized blinds, it’s easier to create that private space in your bedroom or bathroom as needed without manual operation. You can also program your blinds to close at the end of the day for worry-free privacy.

When we think of home security relating to window blinds, we know the simple screen is a visibility block that prevents passersby from looking into your house. This is true, but motorized window blinds offer even more benefits than a closed curtain. Because these motorized shades can automatically operate throughout the day, you can give the illusion that someone is home, even when you’ve been on a family vacation for a week, hundreds of miles away. These deter potential thieves, especially when coupled with a smart lighting system.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Here at iWired, we offer window blinds in a range of sizes, colors, and styles for the perfect fit for your home. This will automatically raise your home’s value, especially as many potential buyers can spot the difference between professionally installed blinds and a DIY window covering. You’ve made an investment in your home that makes it more aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate thanks to Control4. As more homebuyers seek smart home automation as a must-have in their checklist, motorized window blinds will only increase in popularity and make your home more alluring, increasing the possibility of a sale.

Motorized window blinds combine functionality, safety, and elegance into one package appealing to any homeowner. Under Control4’s operation, you can use your shades in conjunction with the rest of your home’s controls. Whether you’re curious about exploring styles for a single room or would like to install motorized shades throughout the home, contact us at iWired today to begin!