5 Reasons to Invest in MagnaTracks Outdoor Motorized Screens

As the weather warms up, everyone is migrating towards the outdoors to enjoy late spring, whether you have a shaded patio or sunny deck. But enjoying your outdoor spaces isn’t always as easy as the picture in your mind; you may have to deal with buzzing mosquitoes, heavy winds, nosy neighbors, or getting scorched by a piece of furniture that’s been sitting in the hot sun. Luckily, iWired is a proud distributor of MagnaTrack Outdoor Motorized Screens, a screening solution that will keep your residential spaces comfortable year-round. Here are our top reasons to invest in MagnaTrack for your outdoor spaces.

Easily Operate an Efficient System

MagnaTrack screens utilize a patented system that utilizes a dual pull magnetic system that is internally secured within the tracks to allow a free-floating deployment while maintaining consistent screen tension. This hassle-free operation eliminates nearly 98% of common service issues associated with other motorized screens. MagnaTrack screens can flex under wind pressure unlike fixed track or zipper systems, which prevents damage to your outdoor spaces. 

The UV-protectant screens also work to insulate your home when placed over windows, helping you to cut HVAC costs and bring down your energy bills. The best part is that you can operate all your MagnaTrack screens from your smartphone, a remote control, or a home automation system depending on your preferences, granting you full control even from your bed. With the press of a button, the screens of your choice can open or close in seconds. 

Customize your Screens to Fit Your Space

MagnaTrack screens can be used in a variety of outdoor spaces, including patios, garages, windows, gazebos, entryways, carports, and more. The screens are custom-made to blend in with your home’s décor and can be created for your uniquely sized architecture, with each screen up to 30 ft wide and 24 ft tall, so you can even easily screen archways. Your options are truly endless with MagnaTrack screens; some families even enjoy using them as projector screens for outdoor movie nights! No matter how you decide to use them, the powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel components will prevent rust, peeling, and bubbling, with a 10-year warranty on all screens.

Enjoy New Levels of Privacy

Whether you live in an apartment complex or a suburb with nosy neighbors, MagnaTrack screens reduce visibility into your outdoor spaces to grant your peace of mind and privacy from prying eyes. However, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds; you’ll be able to see out, while others won’t be able to see in. Even better, the screens help dampen sounds, so it’ll be easy to enjoy peace of mind away from the noise of a neighbor’s loud pool party and play your own music without worry of disturbing others around you. Your dinner party conversations or outdoor workout activities can once again be completely private.

Protect Your Spaces from All Kinds of Weather

No matter what the weather brings, you’ll still be able to enjoy the outdoors and protect your home and family with MagnaTrack screens. In the case of the powerful sun, the mesh solar screens block 70%-97% of harmful UV rays that fade furniture and damage eyesight. These screens also provide a welcome moment of shade on the most sweltering days so you won’t have to worry about burning if you choose to read your book outdoors. 

Imagine you’ve planned an outdoor dinner in your backyard gazebo, complete with a tablecloth, fine flatware, and even candles and flowers. But a powerful gust of wind is all it takes to ruin the whole evening. To prevent that from happening, MagnaTrack screens can be lowered to protect whatever outdoor setup you may have. Our standard screens are rated for up to a 74 mph gust of wind, but if you’d like an extra layer of protection against powerful rain and snowstorms, the Defender line of screens has Kevlar-like fibers strong enough to even withstand Category 5 hurricanes with wind above 156 mph. While your neighbors are scrambling to bring everything inside before a storm, you get to press a button to lower your screens.

Never Worry About Bugs Again

The hardest part about the summertime is all the bugs that come along with it. Our vision of enjoying the outdoors can be quickly shattered when mosquitoes, “no-see-ums,” gnats, and other insects begin inhabiting your patio or balcony. The MagnaTrack insect screens also work to maximize airflow through your space, so you can enjoy the breeze without the bugs. While traditional screen enclosures may require you to keep “screened in” all year, MagnaTrack screens allow you to keep them open most of the year; you only need to keep your screens lowered during “bug season.” 

Whether you’d like to learn more about MagnaTrack’s ability to withstand hurricanes, or you’re ready to install a system for your patio, iWired is prepared to equip you with a system that will keep you outside all year long, contact us at iWired today to begin!